Wild Warrior Adventure in a Backpack


Wild Warrior Adventure in a Backpack – The whole wild deal.. this is a backpack stuffed full of all the Wild Warrior kit.. it includes the Wild Warriors Fire tin – all you need to make a fire in the wild .. remember to leave no trace! Multi functional fire tin can be used to cook in and store dry tinder, mini tin for keeping dry tinder when using the main tin for cooking, flint and steel to get your fire started, gloves to aid moving the hot pan safely. Wild Shelter kit – protection from the elements – have fun making shelters and memories.. don’t forget to camoflage yourself too! All neatly packs into a Wild Warrior drybag. Warriors explorer hat – Navy hat with adjustable head band and neck strap to protect you from the elements and won’t blow off in the wind! Wild explorers kit – bucket to catch water, bugs or look at sea life, a spade which can be used to dig a fire turf, wild loo stops and castles! And a net to explore nature with – respect the wildlife you are watching and make sure you only take what you are going to eat! Wild Water Bottle – This bottle is made for adventures, it keeps your hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold and fits perfectly in the side pocket of the Wild Warrior backpack so it is easy to get to. It is made from 304 grade stainless steel and holds 550ml of liquid. This lid hinges so it is easier for young people to use without losing the lid but you can unscrew the whole top to clean it and it is dishwasher proof. All of this awesome kit packed up into the Wild Warriors Adventure backpack, a place to store all your kit to make every outing an adventure… Dimensions: 28 x 48 x 15cm
Capacity: 22 litres
WOW! Have a great adventure!

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