Wild Warriors offer schools and home school groups bespoke sessions. We are an energetic wild forest school and bush craft team on wheels. We are happy to work with leaders to provide a service which gets children enthused in the great outdoors, building natural curiosity, creativity and resilience.

Wild Warriors forest school and bush craft sessions provide a safe place to guide children’s curious playful nature while encouraging risk taking, building confidence and pride through learning practical skills. Working with a Forest school ethos teamed with adventure we create unique sessions to suit the specific group of children.

The sessions we offer are full day, morning or afternoon. These sessions can be a one off, a six week block, termly or yearly. Again something we can talk about to make sure you have the right package for your setting and your children.

Whether a child has a scientific or creative mind or whether the child needs to let off steam or take time out, sessions can be planned to include this. Encouraging child led learning based around an idea or activity we allow children space to explore their own interest within that. Realising each child is an individual we strive to help each child reach their full potential.
Get in touch if you would like us to come and meet you and do a site visit.

“Whatever the weather, Wild Warriors can be found exploring,designing, creating, investigating, constructing… and having great fun along the way! Every experience excites and encourages children to not only apply practical skills, but also practice and develop characteristics such as perseverance and resilience.

It is a joy to listen to them busily discussing and negotiating, and to hear the excitement of their voices as they discover that they can tie a tricky knot, build and light a fire, create a den from whatever they find…Wild Warriors constantly surprise me with their ideas and creative use of resources.

Children simply love every minute of Wild Warrior time: they return pink cheeked, exuberant and glowing with excitement.”

Headteacher, St Wenn School


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